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Brand New 2017 ESP Kamikaze IV George Lynch


CornerStone Music is proud to be an Authorized ESP Custom Shop Dealer.

Myself being a huge George Lynch fan always longed for his guitars. Some are easier to get ahold of than others. The Kamikaze IV was always my favorite. It had a crazier color scheme, was very rare, and had features that the other Kamikazes did not have. The Kamikaze 4 is the only one to have a maple board, a slanted neck pickup, and the sawtooth peghead. All of which come together for an amazing guitar with tons of stage presence.

I spoke with my inside sales rep and asked if they would build me one, to which he replied ESP┬áhasn’t offered that model in a very long time. Well ESP is a custom guitar company. So I politely asked him to try to persuade the Japanese custom shop to build us one, and just over a year and a half later it has arrived. (yes, we really did wait that long!)

So here is your chance to own a brand new Kamikaze IV. ESP couldn’t even find records for the last official one of these they built. So if you want one that is perfect, unfaded, and incredibly rare, this is it!

I did get word that an LTD version of this guitar will be released the middle of next year and I don’t think it’s a coincidence. I would be willing to bet one of the “higher ups” at ESP saw this guitar in production and pursued the idea of adding this to their LTD product line!