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Orange 10th Anniversary Tiny Terror Limited Edition Guitar Amplifier


CornerStone Music is proud to be an Authorized Orange Dealer.

2016 marks the tenth anniversary of the amp that rocked the world – the game changing Tiny Terror. Described by Guitarist magazine as one of “the most important guitar products of the last 30 years”, the Tiny Terror is the original ‘lunchbox’ amplifier. Its clever design, unique sound and deceptive versatility single-handedly kick-started the low wattage amp craze. It’s appeared on countless stages and been a mainstay in top studios since its introduction. A decade on, it still continues to set the standard by which all others must be judged. To commemorate this musical landmark, Orange’s UK Custom Shop has been busy, working to produce 110 limited edition compact half-stacks. This particular example is number “13”. VERY COOL!

Codenamed ‘Shiny Terror’, the 10th Anniversary model is a point-to-point hand-wired version of the original, housed in a stunning mirror-effect, polished stainless steel chassis. Using only the finest quality components without a turret board in sight, each amp head also comes complete with its own open-back speaker cabinet – not sold separately. Finished in British racing green and fitted with a brace of 10” Celestion G10 Gold alnico speakers, the pair dovetail seamlessly to produce the ultimate Terror tone.

Each Tiny Terror 10th Anniversary Edition head is hand crafted in the Orange Custom Shop using the finest components and heavy gauge copper wire. These elements combine to produce sheer tonal perfection – blissful overtones and touch-sensitive breakup by the bucket load. Whilst the regular production version has become a tonal icon, this handwired edition takes the Tiny Terror to another dimension, delivering an even wider frequency response with impeccable clarity and separation. The striking polished steel chassis features our ‘Pic’s Only’ styling, dating back to some of our earliest amps in 1972.

Bespoke Open-back 2×10 Cabinet

Designer Adrian Emsley’s own personal recommendation for the Tiny Terror, this bespoke speaker cabinet has never featured in our line-up before. The cabinet is only available together with its matching Tiny Terror head and will not be sold separately. Its 18mm birch plywood shell houses a a pair of Celestion G10 Gold drivers – the finest alnico speakers available. These speakers were co-developed by Emsley himself.

Limited Edition

Only 110 of these half-stacks will be made to commemorate a decade of the Tiny Terror. The British racing green theme is a celebration of our British heritage and has not been offered before. Each purchase will come complete with a certificate of authenticity, signed by Orange founder and CEO Cliff Cooper.