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Tungsten Cortez 5E3 Circuit Black Tweed


CornerStone Music is proud to be an Authorized Tungsten Amps dealer.

The Tungsten Cortez is based on the classic, and very desirable 5E3 design, putting out 12 watts with a pair of 6V6 tubes or 18 watts with a pair of 6L6 Tubes. And this one is covered in a very cool black tweed.

It has a single tone knob, with Bright and Normal volume controls, 4 inputs, and comes standard with a custom designed 12″ Weber T12Q Alnico Speaker and Mercury Magnetics transformers.

It also includes a pair of 12AX7 Preamp tubes and a 5Y3 rectifier tube. And because this amp is cathode biased, swapping power tubes is just a matter of plugging them in. No re-biasing is ever necessary. Likewise, the preamp section accepts 12AX7, 12AU7, 12AY7, 12AT7, and 5751 tubes, giving you a great deal of control over your tone.

Tungsten asked me to sell this as a demo unit. There is a very slight bend in the chassis near lettering of the middle volume knob. I never would have seen it if he didn’t point it out to me. The is also a small indentation on the right side of the back panel.

The price has been adjusted accordingly.