McPherson 4.5 Ebony/Bearclaw Sitka

McPherson 4.5 Striped Macassar Ebony/Bearclaw Sitka Spruce-Sold

CornerStone Music is very proud to be an Authorized McPherson Guitars Dealer.

This will be the last Ebony back and sides with Bearclaw Sitka top McPherson before their price increase goes in to effect. With the base price for a new McPherson of $12,000, this guitar is quite a bargain and will surely not last long.

This wood combination has been a store favorite in all the years we’ve been handling McPherson Guitars.┬áRich, articulate low end with treble that rings through the mix make this an extremely versatile guitar. A beautiful, textured tone without too many overtones to wash it out. This one is a gem. Comes with Hard Case.